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Green Festival Exhibitors

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


Quirky apparel for infants, youth and grown-ups!


We create & publish hot games that are fun and sustainably made


Green cleaning kits/labels/demos/new Cleaning for Kids book


Organic cotton baby clothing,


Coed Summer Camp Connecting Children with Nature


Mom-founded & operated premium organic food company

Fashionable and functional arm wear, Armsies are designed to work in a variety of temperatures, climates, and situations. From keeping your arms warm to complementing an outfit, Armsies are here! The piece of clothing you didn't know you were missing to add Flair to your life!


Toys, Clothing and Home Accessories from Up-cycled Materials


30120 Ahern Ave, Union City, CA, USA, 94587 - View Map


Maker of high quality, sustainable educational wooden toys.

For over 30 years, PlanToys® has been recycling the wood from expired rubber wood trees to create beautiful wooden toys that inspire children’s imaginations and promote a commitment to sustainable play for generations to come.It all started when seven university students graduated with the vow to develop a company that would contribute positively to society and humanity. One of these graduates was an architect and future founder of Plan Creations Co., Ltd., Vitool Virapornsavan. Mr. Virapornsavan fulfilled this vow by creating a company that inspires children and families around the world to this day.Since Plan Creations’ inception in 1981, the PlanToys® brand has been creating innovative toys for the development of every child, starting from the day they are born and up to age 4+. These toys have been consistently produced with the highest quality and safety standards.In harmony with its parent company Plan Creations Co., Ltd., PlanToys® also follows strict environmental standards as an example for the toy industry to follow. With innovative design, high quality and safety standards, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of safe, eco-friendly and educational wooden toys for children.Today with approximately 1,000 employees, PlanToys® has two subsidiaries: PlanToys®, Inc. in USA and PlanToys® Japan Co., Ltd. PlanToys® is the first company in the world to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubber wood. In 2012, PlanToys® debuted a new collection of sustainable toys, PlanWood®. PlanWood® is made from the sawdust and wood chips left over from regular PlanToys® production, creating a process that expands the possibilities of sustainability even further.PlanToys® now owns 6,250 hectares of rubber wood plantations and contracts an additional 6,250 hectares. Each year, PlanToys® replants over 100,000 rubber trees and their operations have created over 1,000 jobs in and around the southern Thai village of Trang. The factory’s manufacturing processes create energy and power for the residents, improving daily quality of life. The PlanToys® factory has experienced enormous growth; now covering 45,000 square meters, doubling the product capacity with newly installed machinery and creating a maximum output of approximately 6 million toys/sets per year. With equal emphasis regarding quality and safety issues, PlanToys® also places substantial importance in promoting a positive quality of life in balance with concern for the environment.PlanToys® is committed to minimizing environmental impact as an environmentally and socially responsible private enterprise. After over 30 years in business, PlanToys® are now available in over 65 countries.

Phone: 650-968-4783


Natural & organic cleaner--safe for home, family & environment


Unique Artisan Crafts Collected Around the Island of Sri Lanka


Fashion forward organic kids clothes & accessories


Organic Egyptian Cotton Baby Clothes and Toys