Green Festival Exhibitors

Eco-Fashion & Accessories

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Amour Vert is THE Eco-Fashion Brand that puts fashion first.

Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company

362 Depot Street, Suite 1, Asheville, NC, USA, 28801 - View Map

Appalatch is a heritage inspired, responsibly priced clothing co.

Appalatch is a heritage inspired, responsibly priced outdoor apparel company located in Asheville, NC. Made in the USA, our clothes honors the Blue Ridge Mountain lifestyle and can only be found online at

Phone: 828-367-7232

100% Pure Magic Merino Wool Felt accessories & apparel, hand dyed

Certified organic cotton garments made in the USA

Specializes in organic & natural bath & kids products.

Organic Cotton & Bamboo Made in SF Effortless Sense of Style

Hand Crafted Jewelry Made From Natural & Sustainable Materials

Upcycled Starbucks Gift Card Jewelry and Sea Glass Jewelry

Cycling inspired eco-friendly materials, made in the USA

Environmentally-Friendly Textiles Combined with Low-Impact Dyes

Upscale Hemp Clothing for Men and Women

Shoes from recycled materials/Bags & acces. from 35mm movie film


California - View Map

Sustainable Handbags and Other Products Made of Cork

Made In Portugal takes pride in offering our customers superior quality products that are not only fashion-forward, but also practical. Our unique, beautifully crafted EcoCork products are durable, lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean.

But most importantly, cork is sustainable, eco friendly and cruelty free. It's the hip, green alternative to leather...

CORK, it's just good karma!


Phone: 415-383-1910

Concepcion - Women's Resort Wear

Tibetan Jewelry & Home Goods From the Himalayas.

We are a Fair Trade company specializing in handmade jewelry.

Women's & men's clothing and hats from 100% recycled clothing

Hemp and Organic Cotton Eco-Friendly Apparel.

PO Box 874, Stinson Beach, California, United States, 94970 - View Map

Sacred Geometry and Energy Jewels to Feel Protected and Uptlifted

HighChi - A Technology Company. blending Ancient Egyptian and Quantum technologies. Through energizingJewelry and Meditation systems,studies show that HighChi "Power Pieces" vitalize, lift resonance, and can help protect from frequencies from cell phones. The Ancient Egyptians believed these same energies create "Gateways to the Divine", and protect from negative energies from others.Come explore our Sacred Geometry and Energy Jewels collection andfeel protected, vitalized, and uplifted!

Phone: 4158689050

Salvaging and Re-Purposing 1 Million Waste Tires Into Footwear

Hand-Crafted, Earth Friendly apparel and accessories.

Victorianesque Recycled Sweater Coats & Movement Inspired Apparel

Apparel made from hemp and organic cotton produced in the USA

Le Dessein

Le Dessein's mission is to provide the opportunity of an education to young girls from underprivileged communities by featuring their art onto our fashion. It is done by collecting a range of their artwork (portraits, drawings, etc...) which we elegantly embroider onto our fashion, then guarantee 15% of our proceeds to fund those same young girls' $250 yearly school tuition. : Help us Fashion an Opportunity!

Fashionable and functional arm wear, Armsies are designed to work in a variety of temperatures, climates, and situations. From keeping your arms warm to complementing an outfit, Armsies are here! The piece of clothing you didn't know you were missing to add Flair to your life!

POSiTiVE, deep roots, ONe-LOve INspired collective of artists

Hand-Loomed Home-Crafted Organic Fair-Traded Clothing for Humans

Fair trade vendor of hand made artisan products from Mexico

fun & funky bags, wallets & accessories from reclaimed materials

PEACE FITS "Evolutionary Tech-Styles"

Makers of fine sustainable apparel and hemp products

Siren Skirts

One of a kind, knitwear for women celebrating the feminine form

"The Siren, you cannot resist. Beautiful, strong, & sexy; We embrace the silhouette of a woman. High-end fashion, bringing exclusivity worldwide. Creating new pieces with remnants, throwing nothing away. Every piece is a work of art. Featured designer, NYC Fashion Week 2013; Finalist in EcoFashion Designer SponsorMe Awards, London 2013."

Women's Organic Clothing Following Fair-Trade Guidelines

Unique Artisan Crafts Collected Around the Island of Sri Lanka

Eco-Apparel,Jewelry&Belt Bags Inspired by Wanderlust & Wildhearts

Manufacturers of fine bamboo clothing - all natural & organic!

Organic Clothing Made in the USA

One of a kind, hand painted linoleum block printed clothing.