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Green Festival Exhibitors

Home & Garden

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Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

ABC Carpet & Home


ABC Carpet & Home is an iconic NYC destination that serves to represent home design as a key form of self-expression, guiding a conscious consumer to creatively commit to nurturing the earth and its communities.

We strive to actualize home as a sacred space that exists in partnership with the planet. ABC Carpet & Home offers choice at the cutting edge of design, beauty and sustainability to create home as a mirror one’s essence, vision and values.



Long Desc: Eco-Me is a natural products company specializing in you. Really! We care about the health of your home, family and pets. Eco-Me was born out of need and concern. The need to remove dangerous chemicals from our homes and environment and the concern that the toxins emitted from every day products has encouraged the rapid increase of disease in our society. Eco-Me products can be found in stores across the US and Canada as well as online at http://www.eco-me.com/">www.eco-me.com. That's why we created natural cleaning, pet and personal care products using ingredients you can find right in your kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. The ingredients are so simple, you'll think to yourself or sing out loud, "I could make this myself!" AND you can, we can even help you with that, simply use our easy DIY kits so you can make your own natural products right at home. Fresh, Healthy and Non-Toxic, now that is green!


2760 Boul. Daniel Johnson, Laval, Quebec, canada, H7P 5Z7 - View Map


Essentia makes the only Natural Memory Foam mattresses in the world! Get all the comfort of memory foam, without all the chemicals and toxins that could make you sick.

Essentia has been featured in ‘O’ The Oprah Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show, The Huffington Post, and most recently on Dr. Oz's Hot List as his #1 favorite product.

Phone: 888 764 4116

Essential Safe Products


Cookware, Bakeware, H2O Bottles, Food Storage & Cooks' Tools

Whether it’s doing a complete 180 on your current lifestyle or taking small steps to a safer and healthier you, we are here to help. Our goal is to be a one-stop, friendly resource for easy shopping, easy learning and easy decisions when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. We make sure to provide only human-safe products so you can bypass the research phase and get straight to shopping. Join us on our path to a healthier and safer life!



The finest water system in the world period, 100% Green

Brilliantly engineered, elegantly designed, extremely efficient, State of the Art Whole House Water Systems. 100% Green, 100% Stainless, 100% Perfect. We conceptualize, research, design, develop and display solutions that set new standards for the perceptive consumer. Eternalypure is dedicated to the health and well being of each and every one of us. We are proud to provide the Finest Water System available today. Enjoy.

504 West 110th St 6C, New York, New York, USA, 10025 - View Map


Eco-friendly, stylish and therapeutic dog beds & t-shirts.

Eco-friendly Dog Beds with Sophisticated DesignsWe design and manufacture beautiful dog beds with premium quality, natural, and plant-based inserts to promote a healthy environment for people and animals alike. The stylish and sophisticated designs are a beautiful addition to any room. And most importantly, our dogs love them.

Phone: 401-884-2715

Kishu Charcoal


The ONLY compostable water filter - the unBrita!


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1200 Magnolia Rd., Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, 20905 - View Map



Your time is important. Instead of folding and taping cardboard, spend it packing and moving with Repax.

Repax delivers an innovative system of interlocking crates and dollies, specifically designed to make your move more efficient.

Call us to order a bundle of sturdy Repax crates. Pack your belongings securely with our recycled EcoWrap.

When you have moved to your new place & are done unpacking, simply Callback and the local Repax carrier will pick up the empty crates.

REPAX. A well planned move...a green move...a smart move.

Phone: 877.REPAX.44

Sustainable NYC

139 Ave. A, New York, NY, 10009 - View Map


Eco general store and cafe - 139 Avenue A - NYC based!

Winner of 2011 People's Choice Award for Best Green Retailer

Phone: 212-254-5400


100% natural, disposable ,dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves


Vaska makes powerful, botanical laundry care products


Collect food scraps to compost at urban gardens, parks and farms.