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Green Festival Exhibitors


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Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


Keep it local, keep it clean, and keep it in the family

A peaceful stance is more than a clothing company. It is a way of life. It has been created for the people in this world that have made a conscious decision to coexist in peace and want to make a difference. A peaceful stance means respecting the environment and working toward a better future. Taking a peaceful stance means never giving up on something you believe in. A peaceful stance means loving without limits and killing with kindness. A peaceful stance is to be shared and enjoyed and respected and appreciated. Voice your peaceful stance. At one point or another one thing will be very, very clear; without a peaceful stance, no one stands a chance...

Eco Art Productions

10 West 74th Street, New York, NY, USA, 10023 - View Map


American art organic handbags water based dyes

A celebration of the Arts and the Environment, we take the original art work of American Artists off the wall and screen onto certified organic cotton handbags using water based dyes. Our artists represent the diversity of our country. Our bags have beautiful details with lavender lining, & interior art pockets in our totes.

Phone: 212-496-0012


Handcraft watches


Ellecante specializes in all natural, organic women's clothing.

First World Trash

11-21 31st. drive, long island city, new york, usa, 11106 - View Map


reMade in america

Our bags are born in the junkyards of America, where we salvage seatbelts from old cars and rescue billboards before they are thrown into landfills. All materials are then deep cleaned, cut and polished in preparation for stitching. Each bag is individually designed and crafted by first world trash owner and designer, Jenelle Malbrough, in her apartment, in Queens, NY. All bags are tear proof, water resistant and built to last.

Phone: 504-202-8878


100% Bamboo Activewear


100% organic men's & women's tee shirts and canvas tote bags.


Hemp and Organic Cotton Eco-Friendly Apparel.


Sportswear made from recycled bottles


New York, New York - View Map


Brazilian hand-made sustainable, Fair Trade footwear & apparel.

Marlandia is a destination for sustainable fashion and exclusive distributor of Retalhos Cariocas, a fair trade female empowerment venture born in Brazil’s slums and flaunted on its beaches. The progressive fashion house transforms sandals, apparel, and accessories into original, hand-stitched pieces that radiate with exceptionally vibrant creativity and high quality craftsmanship.



Organic cotton applique apparel.

Playback Clothing


Better qualit.y. Better looking. Better sustainability


PLAYBACK’s theme is “Better By Recycling.” We use everything from XRay film, clothing scraps, plastic bottles, food containers, and denim to make great looking clothing. We make apparel with Better Sustainability (than even organic), a Better Story, and most importantly Better and more unique looking. Available for retail or wholesale.



Jute Reusable Bags


8915 S La Cienega Unit F, Inglewood, CA, USA, 90301 - View Map


Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags, Stylish and Socially Responsible

SnapSac™ is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a leading supplier of reusable bags. At 1 Bag at a Time, Inc, we are committed to social, environmental, and economic responsibility. We strive to live our values every day, and bring you a tote bag that is sylish and socially responsible, just like you! We see SnapSac™ as the next evolution in reusable bags. We created it to renew excitement about what a bag could be and should be. Our goal was to give you style, quality, and responsibility—all for about the price of a latte. SnapSac™ grew out of our desire to listen to consumers. We surveyed our customers to find out what they really want in a tote bag, and we continue to make listening to consumers important for future improvements and evolution to our products. We encourage you to join our conversation and tell us what you think about our bags and how our products can serve you better!

Phone: 888 478 3886



SustainU is a clothing company focused on changing the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives. By creating 100% recycled apparel that’s made in the USA, we want people to change the way they think about their clothing, and how they live their lives. Wear a better story.


clothing with a conscience

Walleska Ecochicc

318 E Fifth Street, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75203 - View Map


Handmade clothing & accessories from recycled pull-tabs.

ECOCHICC – Ecologically Conscious Organization Celebrating Honoring Inspiring Creative Communities – products are produced from natural sustainable resources and recycled materials by artisans worldwide. We are committed to giving back to all our partnering communities by creating revenue and jobs through the practice of fair trade principles.

Phone: 2149431722


1715 Airport Road, Fort Payne, Alabama, USA, 35968 - View Map


USA Made Organic Cotton Socks

Organic Cotton Socks, Made in the USA. We're a homegrown business with a serious passion for making socks. We blend years of our manufacturing know-how with USA made craftsmanship to achieve the highest quality products possible. And, since our socks are comprised of the highest quality 100% certified organic cotton, we think you'll find zkano to be the coziest socks you've ever put on your feet! We're a small, family owned & operated business located in Ft. Payne, Alabama, since 1991.

Phone: 866.989.5266