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The FunArt Bus, our Mobile EcoCraft Art Studio


The FunArt Bus! In a word, it's FAB!

Weʼve taken our studio on the road by converting an old school bus into a traveling art studio. Our goal is to spread the love of art and our environment, by encouraging kids to do eco-friendly crafts. We show how we can take everyday items we find around the house – toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, tin cans – and turn these ordinary items into unique artwork.

We are devoted to promoting creativity and self-expression, and dedicated to raising awareness about our environment. The kids hop on the bus and quickly turn on their imaginations with a wide assortment of "trash" that will become their new-found treasures.

Laurie has taught hundreds of kids in the ten-plus years sheʼs been teaching art classes in her studio. To Laurie, it's all about promoting self-expression and self-confidence in children – and pride. She has a natural ability to look at things differently and create incredible artwork out of "nothing". She calls her approach "fun art" (as opposed to "fine art"), a roll-up-your-sleeves, messy kind of art kids love. The emphasis is on fun and the creative process.

Known for her easy-going nature, infectious laugh, and can-do spirit, Laurie is excited about this new adventure. This inspired eco-minded gal, along with her brother Rich, looks forward to coming to your neighborhood and sharing her passion and enthusiasm, while spreading her love for art and the environment. In a word, itʼs FAB (Fun Art Bus)!