Green Festival Exhibitors

Vegan Food

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Dehydrated, gluten-free and vegan kale and veggie krunch snacks

Comfort food meets sea vegetables - vegan cookies!

Tortilla chips made from beans & rice - Non GMO/gluten free/vegan

Vegan,gluten-free, gmo-free meat alternatives.

In-shell almonds crack 'em & snack 'em fun healthy social

In-shell almonds crack 'em & snack 'em fun healthy social

Organic, gluten-free, bean & rice pastas, soups & noodles

Follow Your Heart

Vegenaise, Vegan Gourmet Dairy Alts & Natural Salad Dressings

Meat free food - Non-GMO soy/wheat/organic grains & veggies

Certified gluten free/organic/Non GMO & kosher dairy free cookies

Local artisan pickles/apple cider vinegar/all natural/vegan/GF

Raw, sprouted, gluten free!

Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides

Made from seaweed, a chip that is craveable and good for you too!

Organic + Vegan + Raw Food Bars!

Raw/vegan/organic salad dressings/buttery spreads/cheese sauces

Consumer direct marketing of organic/natural foods

Organic,Raw,Vegan Non-GMO Gourmet Snack Manufacturer