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Big Brand Water Filter


Water filtration, purification and disinfection

Water is arguably Earth’s most important resource. As the population of the planet continues to increase, maintaining a healthy water supply has become a paramount issue. Many pollutants in the air and soil eventually end up in our water supply. There can be naturally occurring contaminants in the ground water such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and bacteria as well as manmade toxins such as gasoline byproducts, pharmaceuticals, or agricultural and industrial runoff; these harmful substances often end up in our drinking water supply. The toxic materials can then build up in the human body and cause a myriad of life threatening illnesses. For a majority of homeowners and businesses today, water filtration is an absolute must.


Distributor of water filtration and purification systems


Sustainable Earth Architecture w/ Superadobe Building Technology


Architecture & landscape architecture for sustainable health


Come See what light can do at the Philips LED Light Experience


Photovoltaic solar panels for residential/commercial installation


YOLO Colorhouse is zero VOC, Green Seal certified interior paint.