Green Festival Exhibitors

Organic Body, Health & Nutrition

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Herbal soap & body care supporting rain forest communities

Alimtox full body ion cell detox

Organic Green Superfoods and Plant-Based Whole Food Nutrition

Australian Relief Mist- All Natural Pain Spray

Tools to alkalize & detox for 1800 medical issues & better health

We do not sell products; We sell results in skin & hair care

Leading patients/communities to live extraordinary healthy lives!

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps!

Pure Ingredients | Therapeutic Skincare | Formulated in Europe | Mad...

Nourishing the body from the inside-out with pure superfoods!

Hawaiian Moon organic aloe skin cream- Say goodbye to dry skin!


Hemp CBD Products To Change The World

HempMedsPX™ is a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp. and Medical Marijuana Inc. HempMedsPX™ provides mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for health and wellness products that are industrial hemp-based, cannabidiol (CBD)-rich, and available nationwide.

Therapeutic products for pain, stress, relaxation or inflammation

Handmade Soaps and Fragrances Made With All Natural Ingredients

Portable ergonomic back support systems - fair trade made

A natural hair & skin care company specializing in Marula oil.

Certified Organic Skincare, Cosmetics, Green Business Opportunity

Purveyors of plant extract based therapeutic lotions and creams


Raw plant-based nutrition to transform mankind and our planet

All energy comes from the sun. Even the elements that make up our bodies were born in starfire. The Sunwarrior mission is to seek out the best sources of energy, the wondrous plants that capture light, and use them in their raw natural state to overcome disease, raise the level of wellness, boost intelligence, share wisdom, extend life and reduce damage to ourselves, our neighbors and our planet. Please join us in our mission to elevate and enlighten humanity. Together we truly can transform the planet, one warrior at a time.

Conscious Living with Vision Biospherically Correct Products

Distributors of Organic, Raw, Vegan Food From Around the World