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Paddleboard & kayak rentals/paddleboard yoga classes

Health and wellness education

Portable ergonomic back support systems - fair trade made

We give a similar item to someone in need, with each purchase

Shiatsu. Relax. Connect. Rejuvenate. Breathe. Stretch. Open.

Yoga-Tai Chi-Meditation-Brain Education

The Wellness Source is an optimal health and wellness facility

4541 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60625 - View Map

Find us in the bodywork section.

A natural solution for health and well-being, a Ki Treatment helps to improve the flow of Ki in the body by using acupressure and massage. The Ki practitioner also uses a natural breathing technique to transmit vital Ki Energy into the body and acupressure to stimulate energy points and blood circulation. A Ki Treatment has beneficial effects on many health conditions and scientific research has demonstrated its positive effect on the immune, hormonal and cardiovascular systems. Find us at booth 200 in the bodywork section.

Phone: 7738783989

The road to greater health and vitality!