Green Festival Exhibitors

Renewable Energy

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Leads the development & availability of wind and solar energy.

Earth Wind and Solar Energy, LLC

2350 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, USA, 60612 - View Map


Illinois #1 trusted installer of renewable energy systems

Chicago based & one stop company for all Renewable Energy needs. We specialize in Designing & Installing Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Turbines, Geothermal, LED Lighting & Energy Auditing. Rebates, Grants & Federal Incentives up to 75% We take the guess work out to insure you get the maximum benefit.

Phone: 312-243-9933

Helios Solar Works

1207 W. Canal St, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 53233 - View Map


Milwaukee based solar panel manufacturer

Helios Solar Works builds solar panels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. We make high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels for residential, commercial and utility installations. Clean, smart solar electricity from a local company, what could be better? We also give plant tours.

Phone: 877.443.5467


Promoting renewable energy, efficiency and sustainability


REA is listed top 100 US installers for solar and wind power


Portable Solar chargers, gadgets & lights/custom laser engraving

A limitless supply of clean, safe, renewable lighting

Solar Service Inc.

7312 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL, 60714 - View Map


Chicago's premier solar energy provider since 1977

Since 1977, Solar Service, Chicago's most experienced solar company has offered the very best solar heat, hot water, and solar electric systems. Our systems are affordable, reliable, maintenance-free and rated highest in efficiency. We love helping homeowners, businesses, and schools take control of their energy future, while creating a greener planet.

Phone: 847-647-9312

Tremont Electric

2221 Professor Ave., 2nd Floor, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44113 - View Map


Kinetic Energy

Tremont Electric is a Triple Bottom Line Green Plus certified clean energy startup dedicated to providing renewable energy to consumers around the world through the patented nPower® technology. nPower’s® unique method of generating environmentally friendly electricity positions Tremont Electric as the technology leader in kinetic energy harvesting. nPower® technology is scalable and provides a range of product opportunities from small, implantable biomedical generators, to human-motion powered generators, to large commercial scale wave energy converters.

Phone: 8882143137