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Organic Body / Health

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Vegan products to promote wellness for your body, home and pet!


Health and wellness education


Seasonally adjusted, deep delivery, hand made skin care products.


Biodegradable Wet Wipes- Chemical Free, No Alcohol


Handmade Organic Skincare and Haircare Products


Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Skin Cream

Phone: 1-888-ALOE CRM


Everyday Portable Fast Flow Filtering Water Bottle


Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan Personal Lubricant


One-of-a-kind body slimming treatment!


Organic Skincare Cream and Micro-derm Abrasion Body Scrub


Portable ergonomic back support systems - fair trade made


World's Best Therapeutic Massaging Shoe Insole


Premium yoga & fitness gear with minimum environmental impact


Natural Supplements & Herbal Products


Natural personal care products based on the seasons for everyone!


Relieve pain and live to the fullest!


Producer of 100% natural/organic salon quality hair products


The secret to beautiful healthy skin


Organic hair color, skin, beauty, body care products and candles.

Spoonk Space

5410 Barrett Road 106B, Ferndale, Washington, USA, 98248 - View Map


Acupressure mats - for deeper sleep and back pain releif.

Spoonk is leading brand in acupressure massage mat, sold in Whole Foods Market, bookstores, gift stores and groceries - featured on DR OZ as best alternative for back pain, sleeping issues and lowering of cortisol - stress hormone. All you need to do is to lay on it and let the pressure of your body against the  6200 stimulation points does it's magic. Based on the principals of acupressure Spoonk  mat stimulate increase of  circulation in the painful and  stiff muscles, providing deep tissue massage effect and relief of tension and stress. Used by millions in Scandinavia acupressure is becoming daily routine for ever growing numbers of fans in North America. Awarded the best gift of the year in holiday season 2012 and with rating 4.8 on Amazon.com Spoonk is marching ahead with it's misson to RELAX OUR WORLD. Join us in the booth 215/216 and give yourself acupressure treatment or come and participate in our mini Spoonk class on Saturday November 9th 2013 in San Francisco Green Festival  and learn how you can use acupressure.  Featured in Oprah O list  January 2013 " It is the mat to go to for back pain, sleeping issues and more " Spoonk acupressure massage mat  is made of all GOTS certified hemp cover that can be washed, ECO foam (made in USA ) and non toxic stimulation points, assembled in USA with partially imported components Spoonk is dedicated to sustainability.

Relax your World - Spoonk.

Phone: 1-888-583-2880


Social Enterprise that Provides Jobs for Ex-offenders


tgin is a manufacturer of natural products for hair, body & home