Green Festival Exhibitors

Community Action

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Great Lakes protection and restoration


We organize bikeathons to take on climate change.

Conserve School

5400 N Black Oak Lake Rd, Land O' Lakes, WI, 54540 - View Map

Environmentally focused high school semester: unique, affordable

A semester-long immersion for high school students in environmental studies and outdoor activities that deepens their love of nature, reinforces their commitment to conservation, and equips them to take meaningful action as environmental stewards. The Lowenstine Honors Scholarship program fully covers tuition, room, and board for all students.

Phone: 715-547-1300

Use less. Save Money. Get Rewards.

Free quality health care in war-torn areas

ELPC leads the Midwest on legal advocacy and business innovation

Nonprofit network empowering people, communities & organizations.

Chicago's most eco-friendly cageless no-kill shelter

Books for changing the world

Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council

Illinois - View Map

The Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council works with state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions to reduce pollution, promote conservation, and improve the sustainability of their operations and policies. Representatives from 14 Illinois state agencies serve on the Council, which was established under Illinois law.

Free energy efficiency programs to IL students in grades K-12

Fast Frequent and Dependable Trains Linking Midwest

Promote organics & consumer choice, mandatory labeling GMO foods

Relieve pain and live to the fullest!

The world's largest animal rights organization

Project Onward

Project Onward is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the career development of artists with mental and developmental disabilities.  Operating as both a studio and gallery, Project Onward supports the work of visual artists who have exceptional talents but face challenges ranging from autism to mental illness. OUR MISSION: - To provide artists with disabilities the opportunity to create their work in a safe, supportive studio environment, with access to work space, materials, and professional guidance; - To connect artists with disabilities with the arts community and the general public, through the professional exhibition and sale of their work, and through public programs designed to foster audience participation; - To inspire change by using art to promote empathy and reduce the stigma of mental illness and developmental disabilities; to improve the self-image of artists through the social and economic value of their work; and to cultivate new audiences in the art market by increasing awareness of, and demand for, artwork created by people with disabilities.

Revolution Books: Know the world & emancipate humanity.

Seed Savers Exchange: a leading non-profit saving heirloom seeds

Volunteers work to explore, enjoy, protect Chicago and the planet

Protect the environment, human health, and rural quality of life

Sustainability advocacy through education and community action

Chicago's largest no-kill, cageless cat shelter

T-shirt campaign to stop climate change.

All things herbal-plants/teas/vinegars/dips & more for your healt

A health/freedom advocacy group - protect your health choices