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Bali Malas

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Bali Malas offers malas and spiritual jewelry made of the sacred rudraksah (rude-rock-sha) beads from Bali. Mythology named these transformative beads the 'eyes of Shiva'. Having been used since 1000 BC, rudrakshas may be the earliest known form of prayer beads. Rudrakshas are a seed formed in nature found inside the fruit of the rudraksha tree. When worn against the skin, and especially over the heart they open it and offer it protection. Many experience an uplifted mood a calming of the mind and a cooling affect to the body with the wearing of these beads. These unique pieces are lovingly hand made in Bali by native women. Bali Malas is honored to support Bumi Sehat a birthing center for women, children and families in Bali with our profits.It is our intent to restore vibrancy, compassion and healing to our planet with the wearing of rudraksha beads. Wear peace.