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ACE :: Alliance for Climate Education

360 22nd Street, Suite 730, Oakland, CA, USA, 94116 - View Map


Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) delivers in-person, science-based, multimedia presentations on the science behind climate change, in order to educate, inspire, and empower high school students to take action. Teachers and students give our presentations rave reviews'check out our buzz here. ACE presentations are free for schools and available in assembly or classroom formats (45-60 minutes). We are currently in the Bay Area, Sacramento/Sierra Nevada, LA, New England, greater Boston, Houston and Chicago metropolitan areas.After the assembly, ACE helps students take action by creating Action Teams at their schools, grants, scholarships, activist toolkits, online communities and more. Please visit our website, view our trailer presentation, and sign up to bring ACE to your school today. Contact Sam McKelvie or call 510.251.5990 to book a presentation.