Decorating Tips

Top 10 Tips for Decorating Your Booth at the Green Festival

There will be more than 300 booths vying for attendee attention. Your first impression is your best opportunity to create a strong impact. A positive initial impression will depend on your creation of a unique aesthetic in your exhibit space. A dull, lifeless exhibit space will not draw the buyer's attention, no matter how appealing your product or service. Remember, there are many options for catching the attendee's eye.

Consider the following guidelines and ideas:

Planning Think of your booth as a 100-square-foot office or retail space. It must be attractive and functional. Prepare a diagram of your exhibit space in advance. Set it up as if clientele were visiting your office or store.


- Think of theme, look, feel and the types of elements that are congruent with the theme. Themes can be based on your product line's color or place of original or the overall feel of the product (i.e. modern, country, ethnic, etc.)


- Order carpeting, or bring your own decorative floor covering or rug to visually distinguish you from the others and provide additional comfort and warmth.

Ease of Entry

- Allow greater access into your space by moving tables away from the aisle.


- Decorate with plants and flowers. They are the best way to add life and color to a potentially sterile environment.


- Rent or bring additional furniture-e.g. tables, bookshelves, plant stands, chairs, display units.


- Bring lamps; they provide warmth and color that overhead lighting does not. There is an additional charge for electricity (see the Exhibitor Info Kit for details).


- Make sure that all signage is clear, concise and professionally made. Consider using the show decorator, a local banner company or a professional sign maker. Do not use hand-written signs. Even when they are small, they look unattractive and convey an unprofessional image.


- Invest in a small bolt of fabric whose color and texture is congruent with your product; you can use it in a variety of ways throughout your space. For example, use 'milk' style crates or empty boxes on top of your table, covered with fabric, to elevate products or signage.

Natural Materials

- Use natural products such as sand, pebbles, river rocks or pieces of drift wood to display your products.