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Emmy's Organics, Inc.

707 Hancock st., ithaca, nY, united States, 14850 - View Map


Welcome to our dream come true, a 100% organic, gluten-free & vegan foods shop! There is no compromise on flavor, texture or consistency here. We strive for excellence by making all of our creations in small batches with joy & love. Our commitment is to you, in that you have a blissful experience with every bite you take! Our Mission:at emmy's organics we are committed to YOU having it all. We pride ourselves on the quality, creativity and sustainability of the products we offer. In respect for our bodies and the earth we use the finest raw organic ingredients in everything we make and biodegradable/recycled materials for our packaging. Our food is derived from nature which in return nourishes us in the best way possible. Gluten-free & vegan foods are our passion, so you can always feel good about choosing emmy's. Keep it simple, love your life, love your food.All of our treats are made in a certified vegan kitchen, free of any gluten & dairy so you don't have to worry about cross contamination from other products. We also use no soy.check out our website & download the flipbook!www.emmysorganics.com