Super Green Shopper Prize

GreenFestivals Award 2014 SuperGreenShopperEvery fan that votes for the Green Festival Brand Award automatically has the option to enter for the chance to win the Super Green Shopper Prize, a gift basket of green products from Green Festival Expo Exhibitors!

2015 - Winners


New York City - Giuliana Lonigro won the Super Green Shopper Prize in New York City! The prize was a basket full of gifts donated by our exhibitors. Why she voted for NYR Organic: "I voted for NYR Organic as my favorite brand because it's a wonderful company that provides high quality certified organic skincare and aromatherapy products and it still isn't that well known in the U.S. I have been a huge fan since 1999, when I lived in the UK, but they have been around since 1981!"

Washington, DC - Nicolette Barr won the Super Green Shopper Prize in Washington, DC! Why she voted for Dr. Bronner's: "They walk their talk, are full of action and are making a difference in this world for the better. All-One!"

Los Angeles - Nancy Dunitz won the Super Green Shopper Prize in Los Angeles! Why she voted for Fair Trade LA: "I have operated a wholesale #fairtrade fashion business for over 25 years and am a proud member of Fair Trade LA. Of course I voted for Fair Trade LA! I'm a complete believer in their mission. Fair Trade LA strives to raise awareness and promote fair trade in the greater Los Angeles area."

San Francisco - Natalie Leonard won the Super Green Shopper Prize in San Francisco! "The Green Shopper Prize that arrived at my door was an overwhelming and fun surprise. I had been expecting a shipment of weekly groceries...Instead, there was a veritable treasure trove of organic, healthy and delightful products. I saw things that I had enjoyed at the Green Festival, as well as new items. Snacks, shakes and drinks fueled me on a camping trip. The pillow and health monitor are keeping me well rested and relaxed. And there is so much more."

 The Super Green Shopper Prize winner benefits include:

  • Exquisite Green Festival basket with a multitude of products from the 2016 exhibitors and Green Festivals
  • An opportunity to tell your story about why you support green companies and a green lifestyle

Each Green Festival will have a Green Festival Brand Award presented at the event and a Super Green Shopper Prize awarded online. All of the paid Green Festival exhibitors can be nominated via the Green Festival website. The award process will enable anyone to vote for their favorite brand prior to the Green Festival event. Five Finalists will be selected from the top voted exhibitors at each festival and a panel of judges will select the best brand for the Green Festival Brand Award.

A Super Green Shopper will be selected from among the consumers and fans that voted online for their favorite Green Brand and participated in social media in promoting their favorite Green Brand. Both the brand and winner of the shopper prize will have the opportunity to receive recognition through Green Festival promotion and media outreach.