Mercy For Animals

8033 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 864, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90046 - View Map

Dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals

Mercy For Animals is a national non-profit animal protection organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. MFA is a voice for animals through humane education, proactive advertising campaigns, undercover investigations, and grassroots activism.

Phone: 866-632-6446

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Degree Programs in Psychology, Business, Education and the Arts.

Meridian University offers degree programs that educate students to engage the professions of Psychology, Business, Education, and the Arts in creative and transformative ways. These degree programs provide a cumulative, emergent, and integrated curriculum, empowering the students transformation both personally and professionally.Meridian offers its Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs in two formats: 1) Monthly learning format; and 2) Blended learning format. Both the Monthly and Blended learning formats support the transformative learning intent of the curriculum while providing learners, who have commitments to family and/or employment, with the opportunity to complete their coursework within a reasonable time frame.

Phone: 707.765.1836

Merrick Pet Care

P.O. Box 9800, Amarillo, TX, USA, 79105 - View Map

Human grade food for dogs and cats

As a manufacturer of healthy holistic foods and body part chews for cats and dogs, Merrick Pet Care is not only concerned for the welfare of your pets, but also about the environment and resources that we share.

Phone: 1.800.664.7387

Method Homes

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Down to earth prefab

Method Homes offers sustainability-built, energy efficient, healthy and durable prefabricated dwellings with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. Method Homes now offers a number of prefab home options including the Cabin Series and S-M-L Series, both by Balance Associates, custom prefab homes by Balance, the Homb line ( in partnership with Skylab Architecture, and custom prefab solutions by our architect partners and in house architects.

Phone: 206.789.5553

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MetNet 2.0 is building the Washington area's most comprehensive calendar of progressive events, which will be available online in November, 2008. Contact list: Volunteers are needed! MetNet 2.0 is also organizing the first of what will become monthly Eco/Justice Cafes at the Unviersity of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law, Firebird Inn at 4200 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20008. The first Cafe will take place on Friday, Nov. 14th from 6:30 to 10pm. A $10 donation will be requested. Food, refreshments and live entertainment will be provided. Cafe volunteers are also needed!

Phone: 202-494-0742

Metro NYC

Metro is published in more than 100 major cities across Europe, North & South America and Asia . Metro has a unique global reach — attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of more than 20 million daily readers. Metro is a free daily newspaper written and designed for young and ambitious professionals. Designed for a 20-minute read, the paper gives metropolitans all they need to know, Monday through Friday, during their morning commutes. Local, national and international news and colorful features are presented without any bias, but showcase a proudly urban attitude and style.

Metro Paws

P.O. BOX 481182, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90036 - View Map

#poopypacks #thepoopcase #themetropawstote #ecofriendly #stylish

Phone: 347.948.7297

Metro World, Inc.

P.O. Box 61880, Irvine, CA, USA, 92602 - View Map

Manufacturer & Distributor - Bio-Plastics, Lighting, Health

Metro World, Inc. is dedicated to improving environmental conditions around the world with our environmentally-responsible & sustainable products. MWI manufactures, distributes and designs innovative and unique copyrighted products that make lasting contributions to our customers such as 100% Bio-Based Biodegradable & Compostable plastics, and Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions.

Phone: (949)350-3126

Metropolitan Planning Council

25. E. Washington, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL, USA, 60602 - View Map

Org. dedicated to promoting sensible growth in Chicago region.

Founded in 1934, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of business and civic leaders committed to serving the public interest through development, promotion and implementation of sound planning and development policies so all residents have access to opportunity and a good quality of life, the building blocks of a globally competitive greater Chicago region.

Phone: 312-922-5616

Mexico By Hand

Berkeley, California, U.S.A., 94708 - View Map

Quality handmade, traditional, and sustainable Mexican crafts.

Mexico By Hand offers handmade, traditional, sustainable, fair trade crafts and fine folk art from Michoacán, Mexico. Exquisite lead-free pottery, beautiful hammered copper vases made from 100% recycled copper, quality textiles, and pine needle baskets--all created by award-winning indigenous artists in their family run workshops.

Phone: (510) 526-6395


Clifton, VA, USA - View Map

deisel engines runnnig on recycled straight vegetable oil

conversion of diesel engines to run on recycled straight vegetable oil

Phone: 240-404-7725

eco friendly & cruelty free women's fashion made in the USA


Mianra is a distributor of Adya's products. We are dedicated to helping you learn about how Adya's ionic minerals and water filtration unit can help you create clean, balanced, hydrating water from even tap water. Adya's ionic mineral sulfates have a powerful energy that not only destroys bad bacteria and removes impurities such as chlorine, but also electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body. The water filtration unit is a stand alone, no-electricity needed system that can be taken anywhere. Mianra's professional staff is committed to supporting you as you explore Adya's products for yourself or as you establish or expand your business.

2929 Avenue R, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11229 - View Map

Made by hand, all natural, fresh hand chopped herbs and spices

Phone: 718-998-7851

Michele's Granola

PO Box 29913, Baltimore, MD, 21230 - View Map

Locally handmade with all-natural and organic ingredients.

Michele's Granola is handmade and baked fresh daily in Baltimore, MD, with all-natural and organic ingredients. Several delicious varieties are currently available, including Original, Pumpkin Spice and Cherry Chocolate Macadamia. Michele's Granola not only makes great tasting granola, but they strive to produce and deliver it in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Phone: (301) 693-1241

Small batch granola, handmade in Maryland. Vegan and GMO-free.

Michelle Lea Massage Therapy

44141 Airport View Dr. #204, Hollywood, MD, USA, 20636 - View Map

Massage Therapy Franchise Specializing in Alternative Healthcare

We are a holistic natural healthcare facility specializing in alternative approaches to healthcare. We specialize in massage therapy and incorporate acupuncture, herbal & naturopathic specialties as well as meditation, hypnosis and various forms of alternative treatments to facilitate balance from the inside out. We work with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and the medical community to help the client towards their healing process. You do not need to be a therapist to join our team, just the desire to help your community through alternative means of healthcare. Be one of the first in taking part of a new era of healthcare.

Phone: 301.475.2200 x102

Luxurious local eco & animal friendly designer belts & handbags

Microfibers Umlimited

907 Division St., Barrington, IL, USA, 60010-5087 - View Map

Sweatshop-free, premium quality cleaning cloths and mops.

Chemical-free cleaning systems for home, office, institutions and industry. Our sweatshop-free, premium quality mops and cloths provide affordable and effective disinfecting and cleaning with water only. As easy as "wet, wipe, done". Our cloths and mops were developed for hospital use and last for years. Institutional pricing available.

Phone: 847 644 9253

6827 4th Street NW #312, Washington, DC, United States, 20012 - View Map

Building Energy Efficient Low Impact Communities

Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC) is a regional resource for existing and developing cohousing communities. Our member communities are located in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Cohousing communities reduce the building footprint thereby saving as much as 50% in energy costs.

Phone: 202 291 7892

Non-profit promoting solar energy in DC: Solar Tour is Oct. 5-6

TULIKIVI Finnish soapstone fireplaces, bakeovens, slabs & tile

9145 Guilford Road, Suite 180, Columbia, MD, USA, 21046 - View Map

Basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing is the nation's oldest and largest foundation repair company. We specialize in residential drainage and structural issues. Unlike most companies within our industry we not only focus on growing our business, we also have a passion for giving back and being a part of each local community that we service.

Phone: 301-206-9500

Basement waterproofing and foundation repair

Midland School

PO Box 885, Los Olivos, CA, USA, 93440 - View Map

College preparation on 2,860 acres; self-reliance, simplicity

Founded in 1932, Midland School, located in Santa Barbara County on a 2,860-acre working ranch, is a coeducational, college preparatory boarding school for grades 9-12. Midlands mission has embraced rigorous academics and responsibility to community and environment. Our interdepartmental curriculum is aligned with students learning from firsthand experience, including meeting basic needs and managing resources sustainably. Electricity from photovoltaic systems installed every year by sophomores (currently 10 percent of our campus is powered by the sun), fruits and vegetables from our organic garden and grass-fed cattle from our pasture all feed into our kitchen and dining hall, where students fulfill daily community jobs.

Phone: 805-688-5114

Midwest Farmland Partners

3333 Warrenville Rd. Suite 200, Lisle, Illinois, USA, 60532 - View Map

Where Agriculture...Meets Green Business...

Midwest Farmland Partners builds relationships with family farmers, offering a variety of options designed to help farmers obtain capital, control expenses, reduce risks and liabilities, and increase their incomes.Midwest Farmland Partners provides farmers with the infrastructure necessary to manage and maximize opportunities and protect the interests of family farmers as a collective voice.Farmers and investors participate in the income and appreciation generated by member farms with minimum expense and risk.Midwest Farmland PartnersCollectively Committed to the Business of Family Farming.

Phone: 866-866-0002

Midwest Geothermal Engineering, Inc.

159 Wilcox Drive, Bartlett, IL, USA, 60103 - View Map

The next generation of HVAC for your home or building.

Using the greenest technology available, we install DXGeo (Direct Expansion Geothermal) systems. Our systems provide your home or commercial building with energy efficient heating and cooling, saving you money and putting you comfortably at ease.

Phone: 630-235-8564

Midwest High Speed Rail Association

4765 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 205, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60625 - View Map

Fast Frequent and Dependable Trains Linking Midwest

Midwest High Speed Rail Association is a membership based advocacy group working for a network of fast, frequent and dependable trains linking the entire midwest.

Phone: 773-334-6758

Midwest Permaculture

125 Crescent Lane, Stelle, Illinois, 60919 - View Map

Permaculture Educationclasses, webinars, talks, books

Redesigning our lives as if caring for the planet matters! Permaculture is really about relationship - our relationship as humans to the world around us. Will/do we work with the natural abundance and flows of the world around us, or will/do we ignore these? Working with the sun, the wind, the rain, the soil, and our own human love and ingenuity, will allow us to create sustainable or permanent-cultures, hence the word 'permaculture'. We offer talks, classes, trainings, webinars and books in all aspects of permaculture and in Training for Transition Town Initiatives. Visit us at Booth 1721.

Phone: 815-256-2215

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

7558 Deer Road, Custer, WI, USA, 54423 - View Map

Promote and educate renewable energy throughout Midwest.

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration.

Phone: 715-592-6595

Promoting renewable energy, efficiency and sustainability

Mighty High Chai Tea Company and Anjais Kids Lemonade Alliance

13181 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley, CA, United States, 95470 - View Map

socially conscious organic chai beverage company

My company is a chai beverage company. We offer twenty four delicious varieties of chai that are made from the highest quality organic and free-trade certified ingredients. We sell to health food stores, cafes, and cater private parties and special events all over the country side. Our intent at the Mighty High Company is to create healthy beverages that are not only made with the best all natural ingredients but are low in sugar and great tasting. Each of our beverages is lovingly prepared using ancient Indian recipes and secrets passed down through the generations; we shall not compromise their integrity and ideals. The beverages developed by the Mighty High Company promote health and well-being in body, mind and spirit.

Phone: 707-485-1889

Mighty Leaf Tea Co.

136 Mitchell Blvd., San Rafael, California, USA, 94903 - View Map

Artisan-crafted biodegradable whole leaf tea pouches

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience of tea. Each award-winning Mighty Leaf biodegradable Tea Pouch holds lush artisan-crafted whole leaf teas, chunks of fruit, spices and flowers too big for ordinary tea bags. The pouches are stitched with an unbleached cotton string, thus eliminating the need for staples or glue. We give you many reasons to get infused.

Phone: 415-491-2650 xt.112

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, Washington, King, 98103 - View Map

Organic vegan donuts from scratch

Our donuts are made out of our bakery in Seattle using certified organic ingredients, without chemical preservatives, hydrogenated oils (trans fat), food colorings, artificial flavors, or animal ingredients. We make our proprietary organic donut mix, our own organic glazes and organic chocolate icings all "in house".

Phone: 206-547-0335


Phone: 2069253249

Miko Wheeler + Co

1811 McGuckian Street, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 21401 - View Map

Eco-friendly Kitchen, bath cabinetry, countertops, flooring & mor...

Kitchen, Bath & Beyond: Green Cabinetry & all the countertop options to go with such as Richlite, Icestone, Alkemi, Recycled Plastics, reclaimed & FSC woods. We offer paint finishes, tile, flooring, custom design/build furniture and complete design/consulting service. We are also a liscensed contractor. Servicing Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington

Phone: 410-626-0027

1290 Williams St. #1, Denver, CO, 80218 - View Map

Connecting local businesses and community.

A local non-profit association of Colorado-based companies, organizations and individuals committed to building better community through better business. The Mile High Business Alliance promotes and supports locally owned businesses through programs such as Colorado Local First and neighborhood Local Flavor Guides.

Phone: 303-872-5646

Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry

Holistic and Natural Approach to Implant Dentistry

1408 7th Street, Nisku, Alberta, Canada, T9E 7P9 - View Map

More than a decking, an exterior flooring

90% recycled decking material LEED and USGBC. Hidden fastener, low maintenance,no gaps to clean out,barefoot friendly, fire resistant.An addition to your living space.

Phone: 780-955-3525

Cellular phone Electromagnetic EM Wave & Radiation Blocker


Phone: 720-837-6237 cell

Mills College, Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business

5000 MacAruthur Blvd., Oakland, CA, USA, 94613 - View Map

Provides compelling learning opportunities in social enterprise.

The Center for Socially Responsible Business is building innovative partnerships that offer our MBA candidates compelling learning opportunities. With access to visionaries, practitioners, and policy makers from a wide range of organizations, you can gain insight into how business activities affect human welfare and the natural environment. The Center offers lectures, an annual conference, online resources, and workshops on environmentally and socially responsible practices in business.

Phone: 510-430-3248


4049 Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90042 - View Map

Minawear Hemp-colorful clothing for the family

Since 1998, Minawear has been making colorful, durable hemp clothing, hats, and accessories for the whole family. We take hemp blended with organic cotton or silk, send it over to our cutters here in Los Angeles, then take it over to our sweatshop free sewers. We love color and use low fiber reactive dyes and no chlorine bleach. Yummy for yoga, desirable for dance, lovely for lounging. Play hard, rest easy in Minawear!

Phone: 323-225-2463

19108 N. Kindly Ct, Montgomery Village, MD, USA, 20886 - View Map

All-Natural Soap, Bath & Body Products-No Artificial Ingredients!

All-Natural Bath & Body products with no artificial preservatives, fragrances, or dyes.

Phone: 301-252-9624

Mindful Metropolis

2020 N California Ste 7 #165, Chicago, IL, 60647 - View Map

Multi-platform, socially aware, media and marketing group publishing a monthly magazine in print and digitally with complete, integrated access. We combine our news & information outreach with community events (MindfuLive!) focusing on making ourselves, our communities, our region and our planet a better place to live.

Phone: 312.281.5199

Mindful Money Financial Counsel

800 W Huron Street, Suite 4E, Chicago, IL, IL, US, 60642 - View Map

Chicago CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Sustainable investing

Mindful Money Financial Counsel is a Chicago-based investment advisory firm offering fee-only financial planning and investment advice on an hourly, as-needed basis. We work with individuals who are interested in integrating their finances with their values. Mindful Money specializes in socially responsible and sustainable investing. Visit or call 312-675-8311.

Phone: 3126758311

N1901 County Road H, Lake Geneva, WI, USA, 53147 - View Map

Fair Trade Wholesaler of South American goods

Minga FTI is a wholesale distributor who seeks to improve the economic lives of small producers in the southern hemisphere creating Fair Trade relationships with retail advocates in the north and promoting education for all. Minga provides a sharing wage and strives to put people and planet ahead of profit.

Phone: 262/248-8790

265 County Road 84, Santa Fe, NM, USA, 87506 - View Map

contemporary prayer flags in organic cotton made in NM USA

Phone: 505-455-5022

Mirrors Decorated

6925 Willow Street, NW Box 26, Studio 228, Washington, DC, USA, 20012 - View Map

Mirrors Decorated

"Introducing, a creative and functional application of the art of recycling."I have taken the ancient medium of paper-mache to create a collection of eco-friendly mirrors, picture frames and wall decor. The work is designed with:1) A vibrant array of colored paper, 2) Attractive, multicolored World maps,3) 'Emerging Nation,' a reproduction of a United States historical map published in 1783,4) A stunning bonanza of stamps from all over the World! Each piece is one of a kind,5) Imagery taken from nature publications &6) Creatively hand painted and other found elements.The earth-friendly paper-mache is made from post consumer waste/discarded newspapers, magazine and telephone directories.A "History and Intent" statement, Signed and Dated is adhered to the back of each piece.Sizes: 5" dia. - 32" dia.

Phone: 202/635-2705

Mission Playground

3330 Industrial Court, San Diego, CA, USA, 92075 - View Map

Eco-Friendly clothing & accesories for men, women & kids

The earth is our playground; our mission is to preserve it. This philosophy underlies the company's operations, from design to production to distribution. Through its S.E.E.D. (Sustainable Environment & Educational Development) program, Mission Playground sets aside one percent of all sales for non-profit organizations that share the same passion for protecting the environment. Clothing and accessories can be purchased online or ask for them at your local outdoor and organic lifestyle retailers across the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. For more information about Mission Playground, please visit

Phone: 858-755-0055

Mister Miser LLC

1800 W. Roscoe #325, Chicago, IL, United States, 60657 - View Map

Water Conserving Residential Urinal

Water Conserving Residetial Urinal requiring only 10 ounces of water per flush. Space efficient, hides behind wall, made of ABS recyclable plastic and weighs only 6.5 pounds.

Phone: 773 975 8170

MIX 107.3 Cumulus DC


MIX 107.3 is Washington, DC’s first choice for “All the Hits” from Katy Perry, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, and many others. Home of the Jack Diamond Morning Show, MIX 107.3 and its personalities have an unmatched track record of community involvement to include hosting signature events such as the MIX for Kids Radiothon to benefit Children’s National Medical Center & the MIX 107.3 Toys for Tots live broadcasts in addition to supporting numerous charitable fundraisers throughout the year.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags

Steam mop - water only and reusable head/ DIFFERENT exercise bike

Moby Wrap Inc

PO Box 1066, Chico, Ca, USA, 95927 - View Map


Creators of the MOBY Wrap have released An ORGANIC MOBY Baby Carrier - EKO Certified. Are you ready to learn how to turn 18 ft of organic cotton into a secure comfortable haven for your baby? Visit our booth and leave amazed how easy and comfortable it is to Moby Wear. The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders and tied. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners which make wearing simple. Each Moby comes with a 20 page full color instructional booklet that features eight carrying positions, as well as nursing information, an exercise program and general product information.

Phone: 888-879-1153

Mockingbird Meadows

16671 Burns Road, Marysville, Ohio, United States, 43040 - View Map

Herbal honey spreads that blur the line between food and medicine

Mockingbird Meadows is a honey and herb farm using biodynamic principles to revitalize an ancient tradition, blurring the line between food and medicine. Our homestead specializes in therapeutic honey spreads addressing such issues as better immunity, deeper sleep, inflammation and our popular flagship blend for a delicious daily detox. Our honey spreads are delicious and more accessible than tinctures and pills. We believe you should eat your medicine, not take it.

Phone: 614-354-5162