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AirQua USA

19226 66th Ave S. Suites #L 105, Kent, WA, USA, 98032 - View Map

Pure, Safe, Fresh Atmospheric Water Generation

Take a breath... The air you breathe can become the water you drink! AirQua USA is the top provider of Atmospheric Water Generation machines ranging from household appliances for homes and offices to much larger units for commercial, agriculture and emergency needs. Atmospheric water is the untapped purest water resource in the world and provides you with clean, safe, fresh drinking water in abundance, wherever, whenever. Partner with AirQua USA to bring water solutions that sustain our natural resources and help eliminate the energy waste and massive pollution from other bottled water systems. Go Beyond Green with AirQua USA!

Phone: 888.398.2032

Aita Handcrafts

1425 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97215 - View Map

Aita Handcrafts is a family business that imports the artwork of local community artists from South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal Province. We are committed to building relationships with and promoting artists engaged in traditional African folk art. We believe the basis for these relationships is fair trade, fair compensation and the responsible use of natural resources.

Phone: 503.252.3439

Aiya America

2807 Oregon Ct. Unit D5, Torrance, California, United States, 90503 - View Map

Aiya is the world's largest producer of Matcha green tea

Aiya is the world's #1 producer of Matcha green tea since 1888. For over a century, Aiya has grown and manufactured the highest of quality products. Known for its consistent quality and safety, Aiya is proud to offer consumer-friendly line to enjoy from the comfort of one’s own home.

Phone: (310) 212-1395

AJ Snapper-eco apparel design + print

4900 Hubbard Creek Road, Umpqua, OR, United States, 97486 - View Map

Custom Eco apparel design + print

AJ Snapper is a premier designer and printer of custom apparel for business, pleasure or just plain fun. No minimums-no set up fees. We create work for you and proof's easy to improve your closet and wear what you want! We've implemented the latest technology utilizing water-based permanent apparel inks on organics & sweat-shop free cotton. We care where it comes from - and who it goes to. Apparel for purchase in our booth with environmental-feel good-be nice messages! Visit us in Seattle.

Phone: 541 459-2787

674 A 23RD ST, OAKLAND, ca, us, 94612 - View Map

Anarchist collective book publisher and distributor

Our goal is to make available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world.

Phone: 510-208-1700


PO Box 677, Port Orford, OR, USA, 97465 - View Map

Heal with our Spagyric extracts, learn in our Alchemical School.

Spagyric & Alchemical plant & mineral extracts for body, spirit, soul, and planet. Featuring Al-Kemi Tonic Spagyrics, eroSoma Nectars of Love, Somalixir Synergistic Formulas, and Veriditas Alchymical Initiatics. Now open- School of Spagyric & Alchemical Arts, teaching our practice to a new lineage.

Phone: 541-345-3456

Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care

PO Box 11143, Olympia, WA, USA, 98508 - View Map

Empowering communities through fair trade shea butter.

Alaffia builds community empowerment through the fair trade of indigenous, handcrafted Shea Butter and a full line of premium quality, sustainable skincare products. Our products are paraben, petroleum and cruelty free.

Phone: 360-866-0080


333 Mamaroneck Avenue, #191, White Plains, NY, USA, 10605 - View Map

Pure Marula Oil Based Natural Anti-aging Products.

Phone: 800.961.1326

Alchemy Goods

1723 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA, US, 98134 - View Map

Upcycled bags and accessories without compromise

While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, we strive to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. All our products are made in Seattle and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Phone: 206-484-9469

P.O. Box 5603, Takoma Park, MD, USA, 20912 - View Map

Native Plant Design, installation, maintenance, consultation