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Changing the world one bike at a time.

Hot yoga! De-stress, tone up, slim down, gain clarity.

Organic/gluten-free BBQ sauces to raise $ for dementia research.

Taking health to a new level with the worlds finest superfoods!

Passively powered thermal art

Bio green is complete landscape nutrition

Bio-K Plus International Inc., is a research manufacturer specializing in clinically proven probiotics with our patented formula of L.acidophilus & L.casei. Bio-K Plus fresh products are all Certified Gluten Free and offered in fermented dairy, soy and Organic rice substrates. Our enteric coated capsules are adapted to your needs and can be used at home, while travelling or on the GO!

Research manufacturer specializing in clinically proven probiotic

A consumer co-op for buying and storing B-99 for co-op fleet use

Designer and supplier of sustainable aquaponic gardening systems

Raising awareness about GMOs and rBGH through education.

Birchware Compostable Wooden Utensils