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Stylish and Eco-Friendly Pet Beds and Toys

P.L.A.Y.-Pet Lifestyle and You

246 Second Street Unit A, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94105 - View Map

P.L.A.Y. - pet beds that are Better for Pets, People and Planet.

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You), is a San Francisco-based company redefining the pet bed experience. We create products that are comfy for pets, stylish for owners and better for our planet. Working with artists from around the country, P.L.A.Y. creates designs that feature furniture grade-materials, even-basting stitching and eco-friendly filler.

Phone: 8553007529

Fair Trade, Organic Chocolate

Pacha World

PO Box 71, Occidental, California, CA, 95465 - View Map

Pacha World brings you high quality Fairly Traded Handicrafts fro...

Since 2001 Pacha World has been an FTF Member supporting community development, workers rights and economic justice through Fair Trade. We work with community development projects around the world to bring the U.S. consumer beautiful and unique handicrafts such as Recycled Oil Drum Artwork from Haiti, Recycled Magazine Bowls from Vietnam and Bamboo Kitchenware.

Phone: 415-287-3301

Pacific Academy of Homeopathy

1199 Sanchez, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94547 - View Map

Homeopathy Training - classroom & clinical

One of the most established homeopathic training programs in North America. The Academy seeks to develop homeopathy as an integral part of the modern healthcare movement and train skilled pratcitioners.

Phone: 415-695-2710

Accredited College of Acupuncture, Massage, & Holistic Nursing

Pacific College is one of the oldest and largest accredited colleges of acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbal medicine in the U.S. with campuses in San Diego, New York, and Chicago. A leader in integrative healthcare, with one of the busiest acupuncture/massage clinics on the east coast and many off-site clinics at local hospitals and health centers.Come by for tongue diagnosis and ear seeds for health.

Pacific Electric Vehicles

12404 SE 38th Street, Bellevue, WA, USA, 98006 - View Map

Pure 100% Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Conversions

Pacific Electric Vehicles is committed to providing drivers logical options for reducing their carbon footprint. Converting a new or used car from gas to 100% electric is the cleanest way to get around other than walking or riding a bike. Or convert your hybrid into a plug-in hybrid and use clean electricity from the grid to recharge your hybrid battery rather than your gas engine.Convert your favorite classic or modern car or light SUV and get where you need to be without hurting the environment in the process.

Phone: 206-577-8069

Pacific Environment

251 Kearny Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94108 - View Map

Protects the living environment of the Pacific Rim

Pacific Environment is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that protects the living environment of the Pacific Rim by promoting grassroots activism, strengthening communities and reforming international policies. For nearly two decades, we have partnered with local communities around the Pacific Rim to protect and preserve the ecological treasures of this vital region. Visit to learn more about our work.

Phone: 415-399-8850

SmartMeter-allowing you to see how/when you are using your energy

Environmentally friendly $ sustainable home improvement

Pacifica Furniture Company

2023 W. Carroll Suite C-205, Chicago, IL, USA, 60612 - View Map

Makers of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture

We make furniture from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Phone: 312-685-5503


P.O. Box 101448, Arlington, VA, USA, 22210 - View Map

Eco-friendly organizational products for busy families

Packtoozi is a lifestyle solutions company that sells eco-friendly organizational products that simplify life on the go for busy families. Packtoozi's organic cotton diaper bags, totes, packs, organizers, and other accessories help parents stay organized, prepared, and in style. A life-saver for Mom and Mother Earth. Proudly made in USA.

Phone: 888-PACK-TOO

Pacoche Lodge & Reserve

Sustainable Tourism on the Ecuadorian Coast, in a protected area

Organic cotton applique apparel.


566 Escondido Circle, Livermore, CA, USA, 94550 - View Map

merino wool & paihama fiber socks and hats

Paihama imports socks and hats from New Zealand which are woven with a remarkable blend of Merino wool and Paihama fur.New Zealand is facing a devastating environmental crisis. In the 1800s a small Austrialian marsupial was introduced, and their population exploded in the lush, green and predator-free forests of this isolated island nation. The indigenous Maori call this creature Paihama which literally means Pest. An estimated 70 to 90 million Paihama feast on 46 million pounds of vegetation every single night. The government is desperate to control their numbers and is doing large scale poison drops, using 1080, a toxin that indiscriminately kills all wildlife. But the Paihama numbers still keep growing. We have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of the Paihama across New Zealand. The environmental consequences of this problem stem not only from the damage the creatures themselves do, but also from the wide spread use of the 1080 poison. Our business addresses this problem in a humane, and target specific way : by supporting hunters and trappers. We are creating a market in North America for the valuable commodity these pests produce : a hollow fiber fur that is durable, luxuriously soft, and warmer than wool at half the weight. By building economic incentives for hunters and trappers we hope to encourage this traditional line of work, protecting NZ biodiversity from the damage of the Paihama AND the 1080 poison. The Paihamas amazing hollow fiber fur is blended with 50% New Zealand Merino wool and 10% Nylon to create a high performance, breathable knit blend.Your Paihama purchase is an ecological solution to save New Zealand's native forests and birds.

Phone: 877-269-1340

Paisley Valley

PO Box 3211, Sterling, VA, 20164 - View Map

Exquisite Kashmiri handicrafts and beautiful apparel. Fair Trad

Paisley Valley markets stunning fair trade handicrafts and beautiful apparel from the famed Kashmiri Valley, made by cooperatives who have successfully improved lives for over 30 years. Kashmir is legendary for embroidery and recycled paper mache. Our products span many areas including Pashmina shawls, wall hangings, home decor, office products, decorative items and embroidered jackets. Find a unique gift, striking accent to your home, or eye-catching centerpiece for the office. Wholesale orders welcome!

Phone: 703.636.6368

Eco friendly reusable alternative to plastic stretch film!

Inspires children to eat vegetables. A little pea with a purpose!

Pangaea Organica

2311 N 45th St. #325, Seattle, WA, USA, 98103 - View Map

Triple bottom line company offering demand roasted coffee.

We source our green beans from the best Organic, Fair Trade coffees grown around the world. Then to ensure a roast profile that suits each coffee's character, we spend time with each lot of coffee determining degree of roast. Under-roast and the resulting cup will taste sharp and sour. Over-roast and coffees of different origins lose their individual characters and become dull and burnt.We roast on a bed of hot air. It is a roasting method that produces a bright, rich cup of coffee. As with wine, there are distinct varietals of coffee, each with its own unique personality. Roasting by convection, using air, brings out the floral flavors of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the earthy complexities of Sumatra. Brew our coffee strong and dark and it will not be bitter, but rather sweet and natural.Pangaea is a triple bottom line companypeople, planet, profit. We're committed to our customers, our product, our suppliers, the environment and each other. We're building a place we can be proud of, a place built to a human scale, a place built to make a difference.At Pangaea, we care about our coffees and we hope that they will become your favorites as well.

Phone: +1 206 632 2432

Certified award winning small batch body & skincare line

Certified organic award winning small batch body & skincare line

Pangea Organics from Wise Light Wellness

8 West Myrtle Street, Alexandria, VA, USA, 22301 - View Map

What goes ON your body? As critical as what you put IN your body!

Wise Light Wellness is on a mission to teach women how to stop dieting + start loving: Your food. Your body. Your life!

Through eating clean health foods, connecting to breath, and creating self-care rituals women who come to Wise Light Wellness are changing their lives.

And the amazing, spa-like products that we recommend for self-care?

Pangea Organics, by far. Pangea Organics products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and nourishing plant botanicals that nature has to offer. We take it a step further by using organic ingredients which contain 30% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts and leaving out all synthetics and petroleum-based chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and may absorb as much as 80% of what you put on it. The idea is to nurture yourself while nourishing your skin. You deserve it! Pangea's core values are based on the belief that the thing that makes a good product and a good company are one and the same: INTEGRITY of product, performance, practices, people, planet, and purpose. That's why we believing in creating products that are 'Always Beneficial, Never Artificial'. Good for you. Good for every body.

ALWAYS: Nurturing, Handcrafted, Organic, Fair Trade (whenever possible), and Cruelty-Free.

NEVER: Petroleum, Sulfates or Detergents, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances, or GMOs.


Phone: 240-274-9351


11310 NE 117th Place, Kirkland, WA, United States, 98034 - View Map

Pangreen - Ridesharing Everywhere

Pangreen is your local and global ridesharing and green living social network! Whether you are commuting to work or school, or traveling to events or anywhere in the world, we help you share rides with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and other people in your community and around the world! We work with organizations, businesses, events and venues to develop ridesharing networks to meet their specific needs. Let us know if you would like to pangreen your company!

Phone: 2062959142

Panselle, LLC

6098 S Evanston Way, Centennial, CO, 80016 - View Map

Large, durable, washable cotton designer tote bag.

An enviromentally concious designer tote bag.

Phone: 303-699-3298

Papaya Creative Abandon

2305C Ashland St #406, Ashland, OR 97520 - View Map

Papaya Stationary Line - Art for Soul- Booth #1415

Papaya Creative Abandon is art for the soul in recycled paper. They are created by a mother and daughter team who are trying to be different and unique constantly. Its a funky, artsy yet very spiritual line that consist of recyceld journals, greeting cards, magnets, gift enclosures, and art prints. Check them out at booth#1415

Phone: Beril: 510 610 2480

Paper to Pearls

505 Wythe St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314 - View Map

Non-profit benefiting displaced women and youth worldwide.

Our beautiful handcrafted bead jewelry is made from recycled paper by women in the internal refugee camps of northern Uganda. Durable, in bright colors and a variety of styles, and no one can believe it's made of paper!

Phone: 703-549-7077 ext. 202

ParaGard® (intrauterine copper contraceptive)

ParaGard® (intrauterine copper contraceptive) ( is produced by Teva Women’s Health (TWH), a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and markets novel pharmaceutical options designed with women in mind. TWH produces a wide range of women’s healthcare products. PAR-CSI-222/112050


Paragon Mechanical, Inc

11 N. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States, 60004 - View Map

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Contracting Company

Paragon Mechanical, Inc is a specialized heating and cooling company that combines energy efficient technology with over 30 year experience in the HVAC industry. We like to think of ourselves as the first green mechanical contractor to push for off the grid mechanical systems. It is a company goal to build 28 separate mechanical systems in the Chicago land area that are independent of fossil fuels (natural gas or electricity). Through a proven hybrid design by Paragon Mechanical, Inc that utilizes a solar heating system and ground source cooling we can build it "off the grid". We also provide quality craftsmanship and expertise in conventional system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Phone: 847-342-8800

Hemp, soy, and other natural fiber clothing.


Phone: 202-872-5309


Imagine A Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Community. Parkmerced will be transformed into a vibrant resident focused neighborhood and a recognized leader in socially and environmentally responsible living. Imagine Parkmerced


Imagine Parkmerced. America's First Net-Zero Carbon Neighborhood...

Imagine A Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Community. Parkmerced will be transformed into a vibrant resident focused neighborhood and a recognized leader in socially and environmentally responsible living. Imagine'

Parnassus Investments

1 Market Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105 - View Map

Smart Investing Is Knowing What We Own

Parnassus Investments is an investment manager that seeks to invest in good businesses that have high returns on capital, above-average growth prospects, ethical business practices, and sustainable competitive advantages. Founded in 1984 and independently owned, we believe the most attractive opportunities for investments are when companies with good business fundamentals become temporarily undervalued due to market sentiment. Our investment philosophy dictates that sound macroeconomic analysis combined with fundamental research is the most effective way to identify attractive investments. We like to buy companies that are growing faster than the rest of the economy, and we like to buy them at attractive valuations. Integrated into the fundamental research is an evaluation of companies' workplaces, environmental policies, product quality, corporate governance and community relations. We currently manage six mutual funds for individual and institutional investors ranging from small-cap to large-cap as well as fixed-income.

Phone: 415-778-0200

Partners for Just Trade

2236 Tower Grove Avenue, St. Louis, MO, US, 63110 - View Map

Fair Trade products from Peru and Cameroon.

Partners for Just Trade is a non-profit, Fair Trade organization that sells handmade items from Peru and dried fruit from Cameroon and develops educational materials on Fair Trade. We value the close relationship with the producers we work with and strive to convey their stories and cultures through our products. We sell both wholesale and retail.

Phone: (314) 773-7358

An array of programs and services available to park visitors

Over 30 resident organizations provide visitors to the Golden Gate National Parks with programs, services, and experiences that encourage visitors to enjoy outdoor recreation and learn about environmental and cultural resources. The park strives to nurture, extend and perfect its collaborations in order to enhance visitor opportunities. Partners participating in this year’s SF Green Festival event include NatureBridge, The Marine Mammal Center, Slide Ranch, Hostelling International, and Alcatraz Cruises, among others.


Phone: 206-783-8561

Paschal Osborn

Phone: 509-954-5641

Passion Lilie

New Orleans, LA, 70130 - View Map

A fair trade and eco-friendly clothing and accessory line.

Passion Lilie began with a desire to change the fashion industry, so that ethical fashion is affordable and accessible for everyone. We are a New Orleans based women's fair trade clothing line that gives individuals, mainly women, in remote villages a unique opportunity to live a dignified life. Our mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities that give fair wages and safe and healthy working conditions. We believe that these positive job opportunities lead to sustainable societies and a better world. By purchasing fair trade garments, you are helping to reverse the cycle of poverty and to improve the world you live in. And the best part is that neither Passion Lilie nor our artisans are asking for a penny of your charity. We just want you to make a conscious purchase when you go to buy your next outfit.

Phone: 5044081279

Passive building and research institute

71 Dennison Rd, Essex, CT, USA, 6426 - View Map

An eco-lifstyle musical television series for children.

"Patty's Green" is a live action, eco-lifestyle musical television program for young children. Developed and produced for parents and educators who would like an entertaining program to help raise their children in an earth-friendly, non-toxic and healthy-choice way. Starring Patty Carver, Ed Begley, Jr. and Jack Klugman, among many others. Segment Guests include many stars from recording, TV, film, publishing and green industries. "Patty's Green" is scheduled to be premiere in 2009 in many formats, including TV and internet broadband, I-Tunes, educational publications and associated interactive components.

Phone: 860-767-5068

Paul S. Shuman, CPA of Preferred Planning Concepts

2800 S. River Rd., Suite 180, Des Plaines, IL, USA, 60018 - View Map

Learn to "Invest As Mother Nature Intended"

Over the past couple years, Paul has been giving his "Invest As Mother Nature Intended" workshops at Chigagoland Whole Foods & REI locations. Stop by Paul's booth at the Chicago Green Festival to learn more about eco-friendly investing in the emerging green economy.

Phone: 847-375-0505

Pax World Funds

30 Penhallow Street - Suite 400, Portsmouth, NH, USA, 3801 - View Map

Socially and environmentally responsible mutual funds

Pax World Funds launched the first socially responsible mutual fund in the United States in 1971. The Funds are dedicated to promoting peace, protecting the environment, advancing equality, and fostering sustainable development. The Funds seek to invest in financially promising companies that meet positive standards of corporate social responsibility. Pax World's social, environmental, and corporate governance criteria, coupled with rigorous financial analysis, are designed to assist in identifying those investments.

Phone: 800-767-1729


2100 West 106th Street, Carmel, IN, USA, 46032 - View Map

Hands free eco-friendly organic/ recycled leather bags.

Pax4u is an Indiana based manufacturer of hands free, stylish and eco-friendly bags. Each Pax4u bag is designed for comfort, style and convenience. Designed for the eco-minded, active lifestyle woman, we only use organic and/or recycled material in the construction of our bags. Be unique, be hands free, be you!

Phone: 317-339-3158

Pays de la Loire-French Region

Strongly committed to sustainability, the French Region of Pays de la Loire actively supports marine renewable energy, in particular offshore wind farms off its Atlantic coast. Its capital Nantes was awarded the title of European Green Capital in 2013 for its environmental standards and quality of life. The city of Nantes leads the way in transportation innovations, climate change initiatives and overall biodiversity.

PCC Farmland Trust

Saving Local Organic Farmland Forever

PCC Farmland Trust is a community-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to secure, preserve, and steward threatened farmland, ensuring that generations of local farmers productively farm using sustainable, organic growing methods.

Phone: 206.547.9855

PCC Natural Markets

Dedicated to freash, natural, organic,

PCC Natural Markets is a certified organic grocery store & Seattle Washington co-op, specializing in natural food, organic produce & natural meat. Our PCC Cooks cooking classes feature healthy recipes for meals, including vegetarian & vegan choices.

P.O. Box 2550, Alexandria, VA, 22301 - View Map

Residential Architects focusing on Energy Efficient Design.

Residential Architects focusing on Energy Efficient Design.

Phone: (703) 684-1986

Peace Coffee

2801 21st Avenue South Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN, United States of America, 55407 - View Map

100% fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee

A cultural, social and consumable revolution with grounds firmly fixed in a farmer friendly, fair trade reality. 100% of our beans are fair trade, organic and shade grown, purchased directly from farmer-owned cooperatives around the world. Delivered locally in Minneapolis by bicycle year round.

Phone: 612 870 3440

Peace Corps

1301 Clay St Ste 620N, Oakland, CA, USA, 94612 - View Map

International volunteer service organization

Serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in one of 76 countries around the world. Spend 27 months overseas helping a community reach goals in education, health, business, the environment, agriculture, youth development and more. There is no cost to participate and no upper age limit.

Phone: 800-424-8580

Peace Corps - Los Angeles

2361 Rosecrans Ave, Ste 155, El Segundo, CA, USA, 90245 - View Map

We send American volunteers overseas on two-year assignments.

Peace Corps is a federally funded agency that sends qualified American citizens overseas on two-year assignments. Volunteers serve in one of 76 countries and work in agriculture, business, community development, education, environment, health, or IT. Benefits include paid travel, monthly stipend, $7425 upon completion of service, full medical and dental care, student loan deferral, 24 vacation days/year, and graduate school opportunities -- not to mention the experience of a lifetime!

Phone: 310-356-1100

Paintings on recycled materials, vinyl records, and hemp products. Several different product lines made of recycled vinyl records. Promoting free art for music along with

Phone: 360-270-0755

Peace Together

76 Mineola Court, Denver, CO, 80303 - View Map

Think Peace. Be Peace. Wear Peace.

Think Peace. Be Peace. Wear Peace.Adult & Kids T-Shirts & Tees using organic cotton or bamboo, and manufactured in a sweatshop free environment. Peace Together is a company of creative social artists who believe peace is possible. We use our talents for positive change, live by our values, do no harm to the environment, and be the difference we want to see in the world. We have designed line of adult & kids t-shirts and tees that bring together exceptional designs, quality materials and sustainable processes. Through a percentage of the sale of these shirts, we help to support organizations and individuals that are creating initiatives that support peace.

Phone: 303-320-6123

Peak Performance Healthcare

1749 N Wells, Chicago, IL, USA, 60614 - View Map

Relieve pain and live to the fullest!

Member of Foundation for Wellness ProfessionalsMultispecialty care:-Physical Therapy-Chiropractic care-Nutrition counseling-Exercise physiology-Massage therapy-AMA endorsed computerized physical impairment testing-Biomechanical posture & gait analysis-Weight loss & detoxification

Phone: 312-440-9646