Mac Cutting Boards

PO Box 157, San Bruno, CA, USA, 94066 - View Map

Repurpose & upcycle unused scrap hardwoods to make cutting boards

Small Batch Balms/ Kitchen Made in Virginia

Maddy's Organic Meals, LLC

4909 N. Tripp, Chicago, IL, USA, 60630 - View Map

Midwest's first certified organic baby food

Maddys' Organic Meals,(M.O.M) provides the Midwest's first 100% certified organic baby food cubes. M.O.M. brings the rich nutritional value of local, sustainable and certified organic ingredients from the heartland's best farms to your baby. Each seasonal recipe is professionally prepared and flash frozen to ensure superior taste and nutritional value. From smooth single ingredient starters to chunckier fruit and vegetable blends to protein rich gourmet meals, these healthy palatable treasures are personally and lovingly created for your little treasure.


MADE(R) is a drink. A certified organic, all natural line of drinks that combine green tea and fruit juices to create a uniquely smooth, delicious drink. MADE is shelf stable with no need for preservatives or refrigeration and all bottles are #1 PETE and BPA free.


Organic green tea and fruit juice. Drink Good.

MADE® is a drink. A certified organic, all natural line of drinks that combine green tea and fruit juices to create a uniquely smooth, delicious drink. MADE is shelf-stable with no need for preservatives or refrigeration and all bottles are #1 PETE and BPA-free.

Fair Trade jewelry items, handbags & gifts

MadeGreen Video LLC

110 Chicago Way, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94112 - View Map

Business + real estate video production

MadeGreen Video LLC is a video production company producing marketing, training and educational videos for San Francisco Bay Area businesses and real estate professionals.Our mobile, light-footprint production studio captures dynamic footage, key-personnel interviews and client testimonials. Compactly edited with custom titles, motion graphics and music, our videos are powerful and fun marketing assets.In addition, we offer several distribution options as well free consultation and estimates for our new clients.

Madrone Regenerated Clothing

900 Hidden Trails Rd, Port Townsend, WA, USA, 98368 - View Map

Feel great about looking great!

This is the ultimate in Eco-clothing! Each garment is carefully re-crafted from hand chosen previously owned sweat shops, no carbon footprint, just great fashion forward clothing for women and children.

900 Hidden Trails Rd, Port Townsend, WA, USA, 98368 - View Map

Recycled Clothing: for the "re" generation

Regenerated Clothing for women and children of the "re" generation...Skirts and accessories made from recycled sweaters and T shirts have never looked so wearable!Locally sourced and manufactured, nearly zero waste, simply stylish.

PO Box 1603, Felton, CA, USA, 95018 - View Map

Truly natural detergents

Maggie's Soap Nut Laundry Liquid is the Only Liquid detergent in the world made without synthetic chemicals. Made in an Organic tea bottling plant not a chemical factory. Maggie's Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the soap berry tree and have been used for thousands of years to clean humans and our clothes. Really natural not Madison Avenue "natural"

Maggies Organics/Clean Clothes

306 West Cross Street, Ypsilanti, MI, USA, 48197 - View Map

Fair Trade Clothing and Acc. Made with Organic Fibers since 1992

In a world laden with sweatshop apparel, Maggies offers an alternative. Since 1992, we have used certified organically grown fibers in all of our products.We work diligently to develop long-lasting partnerships with producers in the U.S. and abroad. These partners provide livable working conditions and independence to their workers.

MM treat pain/Massage and Relaxation/Work out/Tone muscles

Hands-free, portable massager to help pain relief & circulation

1000 N. 4th St., Fairfield, IA, USA, 52557 - View Map

M.U.M. offers the 1st Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Living in America!The B.S. in Sustainable Living covers seven key areas: * Self Sustainability * Renewable Energy * Sustainable Agriculture * Eco-Architectural Design * Green Business and Entrepreneurship * Social-Ecological Interface * Bio-Geophysiology.** Real-world internships and professional certifications are a featured part of the program.** Consciousness-Based education develops your mind and body as the basis for creating sustainability in the world.** Our students take one course at a time - they're immersed full time in the course for about 4 weeks - and then move on to the nextcourse.** The University serves organic vegetarian meals daily - often with locally grown produce.** Upon graduating, students have the option of taking a one-year MBA with Sustainable Living emphasis.

Maid Brigade

4813-A Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA, US, 22304 - View Map

Healthy Housecleaning with Green Seal products

Maid Brigade has made busy lives easier in the DC Metro area for over 20 years by providing reliable, trustworthy, and professional housecleaning services. We are commitied to using only Green Seal approved products and eco-friendly cleaning methods- safe for you and your family, the environment, and our employees!

Eco-friendly house cleaning services

Malia Designs

2643 N Whipple St. #2, Chicago, IL, USA, 60647 - View Map

Fair Trade Handbags out of Cambodia "Designed to Carry a Cause"

Malia Designs is a Fair Trade handbag and accessory company out of Cambodia with a social mission to fight Human Trafficking. We also donate a portion of our profits to organizations that fight Human Trafficking. Malia Designs handbags are "Designed to Carry a Cause." Through your purchase of Malia Designs, You, too, can carry the cause.

Malibu Compost

23852 Pacific Coast Hwy #295, Malibu, CA, USA, 90265 - View Map

Certified biodynamic compost and compost tea

Malibu Compost, producer and distributor of certified biodynamic compost and compost tea. Our handcrafted compost will dramatically improve soil health which leads to stronger plants with less disease. Bu's Brew Biodynamic Compost Tea is a liquid foliar loaded with microbial activity. A requirement for healthy flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses.

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay

9759 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA, 98118 - View Map

100% Natural Gluten Free Aromatic Play Clay

Get more from your play time. A wholesome, all-natural addition to play time, Mama K's Play Clay is a kid-safe clay with subtle aromatherapy oils to soothe the mind. Ingredients are basic and natural: they include certified gluten free flour, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable colorants and organic essential oils. Available in seven scents, including soothing lavender, relaxing chamomile and tension-easing bergamot.

Mama Laurel's Plant Family

20879, Gaithersburg, Md, United States, 20879 - View Map

Live Indoor Plants and Indoor Plant Accessories

We provide house plants and house plant accessories, bringing life and peace to any environment. Our customized flower pots accentuate and personalize your office atmosphere. The plants and the pots can be a great gift together or independently.

Mama Organic Herbs

P.O. box # 10283, rockville, MD, United States, 20850 - View Map

Formed by a mother, in memory of a mother to protect mother Earth

At MaMa Organic Vitamins, we are guided by our desire to preserve and protect the health of Mother Earth and the fragile environment by using natural resources with the utmost care. We believe in supplying our valued customers with the healthiest, safest, and highest-quality natural products to enhance the quality of their lives. Our products must be affordable and provide you with the best value. We are committed to maintaining our uncompromising dedication to human rights, to supporting fair and ethical treatment of farmers, to supporting the communities we work in, and to contributing generously where we are most needed. Our passion is to deliver healthier products to you and empower you to take great care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Making your healthy & green life tastier!

Making your healthy & green life tastier!

Authentic & made-from-scratch tamales with Latin America flavors

Bonsall, CA, USA - View Map

Organic,Vegan,gluten free chia based vitality beverages & snacks

Mamma Chia is a delicious & fun organic chia seed beverage with organic fruit juices and a touch of organic agave nectar. Infused with ancient wisdom and powered by one of the world’s healthiest whole foods, Mamma Chia provides sustained energy to power your soul’s purpose. Visit our booth at this year's NYC Green Festival #833 to Taste the Magic of Mamma Chia!

Management Resources

Management Resources helps green businesses be great businesses. Since 2002, through business and leadership coaching, we have helped business owners develop the skills, team, and operation that any business needs but in a way that reinforces and honors their values - because we share them. That’s why we’ve been chosen by Green Fest to be their coaching partner! Management Resources’ founder, Rob Lederer, helped bring Green Festival to New York City as a member of the host committee.

Exotic handcrafted Eco Homes/Ohana Cottages/Yurts/Gazebos

123 address, asheville, nc, usa, 28806 - View Map

Exhibitor Short Description yo1223

Exhibitor Long Description. Beautiful handmade gifts from the Himalayas. Hi. Test 2.

Manitoba Harvest

Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Oils is a Canadian manufacturer of Hemp Foods & Oils. All products are processed from live (viable) Hemp Seed, grown without herbicides or pesticides.

Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides

Manna Organics, LLC

4650 Western Ave, Lisle, IL, USA, 60532 - View Map

MannaBread - Sprouted, yeastfree & Artisan sourdough

Artisan organic bakery. We make sprouted Manna Bread(R), MannaMuffins(R), and now sliced yeast free sourdough breads. Available nationwide and in Canada, in Whole Foods Markets and quality health food stores, or at

Family owned and operated organic greek xvoo and olives.

Manos de Madres

1470 Lancaster Drive, Memphis, TN, USA, 38120 - View Map

Empowering women through fair trade craft programs.

Manos de Madres (Hands of Mothers) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families through income generation programs which promote economic, environmental and social justice. Offering fashion-forward bags and personal accessories from Rwanda, Congo and Honduras that look great and make you feel even better!Beautiful products made by the hands of extraordinary women.A proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Mantra Body Products

1533 Webster St., Alameda, CA, United States, 94501 - View Map

100% Natural, handmade, organic skincare for your body and face.

Mantra Body Products achieve the impossible - truly 100% natural skin care, with no chemicals or artificial additives. We use food grade ingredients, because what you put on your skin eventually goes into your body. Mantra Body Products can become a valuable part of your daily routine of nourishing and caring for yourself and your body. In fact, we call our line Mantra Body Products because repeated use will bring about healthy, vibrant, youthful skin.

For your body, we have Mantra Cream, Mantra Cream - Sensitive and Mantra Emulsion.

For your face, we have Mantra Night Time Moisturizer. For dry facial skin, Mantra Cream - Sensitive or Mantra Emulsion.

For your lips, we have Mantra Lip Balm.

Mantra Media TV

Mantra Media partners with organizations making a positive difference in the world. By repeatedly sharing your story through media, your audience will better understand how they can support or interact with you. Our team of professionals bring a healthy mix of creativity, out of the box thinking and technical expertise to your project. Mantra Media produces your video using high quality gear and we deliver your video quickly, effectively and within your budget.

Mantra Scrubs

700 Colorado Blvd. #344, Denver, CO, U.S.A., 80206 - View Map

Mantra - Scrubs Reinvented: Scrubs, Tees, LabCoats

Mantra - Scrubs Reinvented. Designed Developed and Manufactured in the U.S.A. Mantras goal is simple: Make a better scrub. One thats more flattering, more comfortable and made with environmentally friendly materials. Mantra's Mantra embodies four key elements: People, Performance, Planet and Spirit. For more information visit

Manuka Honey- Throat, Stomach & Skin

Community Action

We make certified organic yogurt from 100% grass-fed cows.


MaraNatha Nut Butters

1850 Fairway Drive, San Leandro, CA, USA, 94577 - View Map

Crafting organic and natural nut and seed butters since 1982.

Maranatha® (pronounced "mare-uh-Nah-thuh") has been crafting organic and natural nut and seed butters in Ashland, Oregon, since 1982. Each variety is finely ground in small batches and contains no unhealthy trans fats, hydrogenated oils or preservatives - just the authentic taste of the purest ingredients.

Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.

180 N. LaSalle St. Ste 2100, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60601 - View Map

Advocacy Investing - Your Profit. Your Passion. Your Power.

The Advocacy Investing' strategy is Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc.'s proprietary approach to values-based investing in which both equities and fixed-income securities are selected by exacting financial and governance standards, as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns. The Advocacy Investing approach meaningfully speaks to one's own values. It is practical, it drives change, and it turns passive assets into active assets.


415 Executive Drive, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540 - View Map

Marcal is an Earth Friendly Paper Goods Company that provides consumers like you with products that you can feel good about purchasing. For over 50 years, Marcal has been making its paper from recycled paper, not from trees. By purchasing Small Steps(tm) by Marcal(R) brand, you are taking a small, easy step to a greener earth.(tm)

Phone: 609-252-9515 ext. 203

Marfar Designs

3124 N Broadway Apt. 3R, Chicago, IL, USA, 60657 - View Map

women's knit clothing, hip and eco-conscious

A collection of hip and youthful women's clothing.All designs at marfar are mindful of the environment, and of the people who work to create them. They begin with materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, including organic and hemp fabrics, low-impact dyes, and waterbased inks. All manufacturing - fabric-cutting, sewing, dying, and screenprinting - takes place at independent Bay Area shops and the Marfar home studio in Chicago. Most importantly, every marfar design is mindful of the wearer. The apparel is versatile and wearable, pairing comfy knits with stylish cuts. And because each piece is made with the earth in mind, a woman can look good and feel good in marfar.

Marigold Fair Trade

905 Rogers St NW, Olympia, WA, 98502 - View Map

Fashionable Fair Trade Clothes and Household Items

Marigold offers a complete line of fashionable fair trade clothes and household items from a co-op of over 200 women from the slums of Mumbai, India. All of our fabrics are vegetable dyed and handblock printed or organic. Your purchase at Marigold empowers a disadvantaged woman to make herself more economically self-sufficient.

Mariposa Naturescapes

4742 42nd Ave SW, PMB 322, Seattle, WA, USA, 98116 - View Map

Specialize in design & installation of native plants

Our mission is to assist homeowners and businesses (and beyond) in restoring, stewarding, and connecting with their landscapes by using Pacific NW native plants. We specialize in design and installation of beautiful native plant gardens as well as helping to certify yards as wildlife-friendly habitat. Our methods are focused on sustainability -- easy-care, drought-tolerance, and 100% organic materials. We strive to be affordably priced and give excellent customer service.


New York, New York - View Map

Brazilian hand-made sustainable, Fair Trade footwear & apparel.

Marlandia is a destination for sustainable fashion and exclusive distributor of Retalhos Cariocas, a fair trade female empowerment venture born in Brazil’s slums and flaunted on its beaches. The progressive fashion house transforms sandals, apparel, and accessories into original, hand-stitched pieces that radiate with exceptionally vibrant creativity and high quality craftsmanship.


Marlboro MBA in Managing for Sustainability

28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, VT, USA, 05301 - View Map

Learn strategies to be a change agent for sustainability

Learn to use business strategies to be a change agent for sustainability. Our rigorous, low-residency program integrates systems thinking and a multiple-bottom-line philosophy into all MBA courses. We encourage people to grow into the full potential of their unique leadership style.